Local Government Accountability Committee

The MCC Local Government Accountability Committee (LGAC) was established in September 2019 by the Board of Directors of MCC based on the belief that under the constitution of the United States it is "we the people" who are soverign. The elected officials of the 1st councilmanic district are employees of the citizens of the 1st district who pay property and miscellaneous other taxes imposed by state and local government legislators. Therefore it is vitalily important for the citizens of the 1st district and other districts to remember that in a democracy all channels of communication must be open to the people.

The primary goal of the LGAC is to hold the members of the Gary Common Council who represent the 1st councilmanic district accountable for their actions on behalf of the citizens of the 1st district as defined by Webmaster dictionary.

Accountability - the quality or state of being accountable especially an obliations or willingness or to account for one's actions actions e.g. public officials being accountable.

Prom 2021
Marquette Park Pavilion
Saturday, Feb 13, 2021

Starting at Miller Town Hall,
Grand Blvd & Miller Ave.
7 - 11 am
Saturday, May 1, 2021

Monthly Meetings
@ 7 pm at
Marquette Methodist
Church on Grand Blvd.

the second Monday of every month