May 2021 Miller Message
MCC President's Observation Notes

Gary Property Taxes It has been 16 years since the Miller Citizens Corporation (MCC) property tax committee, “Cap All Property Tax” (CAPT), successfully capped Indiana property taxes at 1% for homeowners, 2% for rental and vacant property and 3% for commercial properties. If you look on line 4 under Table 1 of your tax bill there is a scary reminder of what your tax obligation would have been without 3 years of work by MCC to get and put these caps in the Indiana Constitution.

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Prom 2021
Marquette Park Pavilion

Starting at Miller Town Hall,
Grand Blvd & Miller Ave.
7 - 11 am
Saturday, May 1, 2021

Monthly Meetings
@ 7 pm at
Marquette Methodist
Church on Grand Blvd.

the second Monday of every month