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Clean Up 5-2-2020 7am - 11am
Grand Blvd & Miller Ave.

A Brief History of the MCC

The Miller Citizens Corporation (MCC) was founded in the spring of 1971, at a time of crisis for our city and our community. The whole Emerson neighborhood was for sale, as black families moved in to a formerly white area and the existing residents sold out or just abandoned their homes. Many Miller residents were determined not to replay this scenario in our community. White and black residents came together here to form a new community organization, which would work to make Miller a desirable neighborhood for the whole spectrum of people who chose to live here. Originally, there was a three-man presidency, headed by Fred Eichhorn, Mose Dilts, and Clarence Borns. For 48 years, this organization has retained many continuing goals and interests, as it responded to different challenges that came along. » Read More

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MCC Board Meeting

2nd Monday of Month-7:30pm

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We Strive to

  • Bring diverse residents together to work for common goals
  • Enhance public safety
  • Foster good schools
  • Protect the natural environment of beach, dunes and woods
  • Promote local businesses and organizations
  • Fight for efficient government and
    reasonable taxes
  • Be involved in all the activities of our city
    and community