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In 2003, legislation at the state level brought on a property tax crisis for Miller residents. At the same time, Indiana changed the basis of assessing property and reassigned the responsibility for assessing our major industry - US Steel. The result was a huge shift of the property tax burden from industry to individuals, which was especially hurtful in Miller. The MCC saw this as a survival issue for our community. We created the MCC Defense Fund to fight for reasonable taxation. We challenged the constitutionality of the new property tax legislation and won vindication from the Supreme Court, but no redress for injuries. We talked directly with Governor Kernan, and convinced him to institute, through administrative action, the first property tax cap. We have continued to fight vigorously for reduced government spending and a reasonable distribution of the tax burden, and we eventually found allies in the state government to continue and expand the property tax caps.

In the following years the 1% Homeowner, 2% Residential Rental and Farm land and 3% Commercial Indiana tax caps are now in the Indiana Constitution.

Cap All Property Taxes (CAPT) is the MCC's political action committee to keep units of government from overspending and engaging in excessive mismanagement. In recent years there have been three attempts by the Gary Community Schools Corporation to go around the tax caps. We stopped two but lost one to the tune of $9,000,000 the Gary property owners are now paying.

What we have fought

No referendum money needed to fix up buildings. Thanks to the Indiana Legislature, Gary Schools have $470,000 per month for 4 ½ years ($25,000,000+/-). Source: IN Senate Bill 408 as reported in The Times June 26, 2020

No referendum money needed for a slush fund with $4,000,000 from U.S. Steel's one-time payment to schools in lieu of property taxes. Source: The Times, December 19, 2019

No referendum money needed for coronavirus-related expenditures when receiving $4,000,000 through the CARES Act. Source: Indiana Finance Authority FAQs, June 12, 2020

No referendum money needed when Gary schools already get State of Indiana funding of $7,880 per student, local funding of $3,312 per student and Title I funding of $1718 per student, for a total of $12,910 per student. That’s $12,910 X 4,400 students or $56,804,000 per year to support students and even raises for teachers. Source: State of Indiana Department of Education Title I Forecast for the 2020-2021 School Year, IN DOE Form 9

CAPT will CONTINUE to be vigilant to fight any attempt to go around the Indiana Tax Caps.

2020 GCSC Referendum Tax Impact PDF

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